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  • Video-store
  • Personal ads
  • Services
Millions of everyday products and services
for any cryptocurrency
  • WITHOUT commissions of payment systems
  • WITHOUT payment for placement of ad
  • WITHOUT necessity to move the cryptocurrency out in fiat money.
Tax 39% Tax 55%
MLC: $ 0.0543 -15.59%

Market cap: Coming soon     Volume(24H): $ 1 026 605.2

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Soft cap:
8 000 000$

Hard cap:
24 000 000$

Token value: 0,0005 ETH
Today’s bonus: +25%
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  • The circle is not closed

    The idea of cryptocurrency as independent money that does not belong to any financial institutions, is strong. But, unfortunately, it is still in a budding phase.


    Because it is almost impossible to spend cryptocurrency in its original form. And again: banks, exchange offices, inflated commissions and extortionate taxes to convert in fiat currency. You lose half of your own money. It destroys the whole idea of decentralization, and "circle" inside crypto industry is not closed.

  • Ordinary people don't use cryptocurrency

    At this stage of development of the crypto industry the right to use digital currency belongs solely to miners, traders, and investors. Ordinary people with desire to use cryptocurrency in everyday life to buy goods without fiat money, are simply left out of the modern market.

    We understand that at the present moment the structure is in process of forming. But at an early stage the rapidly growing needs of audience are ahead of opportunities.

  • There are hundreds of dead altcoins after failed ICOs

    In 2011 step-by-step new altcoins started to appear. Those altcoins had to correct previous mistakes and get rid of lack of liquidity of tokens by any means. For example, by increase of transaction`s speed and assistance of smart contracts.

    Today, we have hundreds of failed altcoins that had no profit. As a consequence, there is low volume of trade and no realization of tokens. In fact, such tokens are classified as a dead asset which has no use.

The idea of cryptocurrency is not working!

Banking system
Deposit of fiat money

Cryptocurrency market

Conversion of crypto-
currency into fiat money with the participation of the banking system

Cryptocurrency was created to be the universally accepted decentralized payment method. However if we consider the question about the actual functionality of the cryptocurrency in the modern economy, we will find only terms "speculation" and "shadow economy". As a result cryptocurrency failed to become mean of payment.


Involvement of new users

We create a new layer of cryptocurrency holders. They are neither miners nor traders nor investors. We have audience that will use cryptocurrency to purchase and to sale goods and services.

Due to the format of “free classifieds for ads”, we gather completely different users who do not buy cryptocurrency but earn it.

Liquidity ensuring

A constant demand exists due to constant use of Mallcoin tokens. They are used to pay for services at the website by all categories of users. That is why in indefinite time their full implementation by previous holders will occur through ATES.

We close the circle

If you already have cryptocurrency and you want to spend it on shopping, you do not need to exchange it for fiat money via financial institutions.

Thus, FLOGmall “closes the circle” and cryptocurrency stays popular within the crypto market and gets rid of liquidity.

Altcoin mobility

FLOGmall will help altcoins to create a new revolution movement due to the emergence of new sellers willing to exchange goods or services for them.

We smooth volatility

Thanks to FLOGmall users do not need to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat. It means that cryptocurrency stays on market. Thus, FLOGmall serves globally as a tool for smoothing volatility.

What is FLOGmall?

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce platform
for buyers and sellers with cryptocurrency.

FLOGmall Project will be
interesting to everyone:


FLOGmall provides a discount of up to 600% on MLC tokens for ICO participants and the ability for further realisation of tokens with the help of ATES!


is an automatic service for exchanging of Mallcoin tokens (MLC) between previous holders and platform users.

for sellers
  • Access to the goods from
    all over the world
  • Savings on service fees
    of payment systems
  • Own video-store
    on the platform
  • Great opportunities
    for promotion through
    bloggers and influencers
  • Equal opportunities for all
    types of sellers at the initial
    stage of placement on
    the FLOGmall platform
  • Access to new rapidly growing
    audience of cryptocurrency
    holders with high solvency
  • Free platform
    with minimum
    charge for additional services
  • Quick start of sale
for buyers
  • Exchange of tokens
    for fast moving consumer
    goods and services
  • Access to the goods and services from
    all over the world
  • Cashback and discounts
    for tokens
  • A unique
    with live-store
  • Honest feedback about
    every seller
  • Payment with any altcoins

What products and services you can find on FLOGmall?

FLOGmall is a great aggregator for all crypto society, which is not limited to a specific category of goods or services.

We offer you millions of products, from electronics and clothes to accessories and cars or housing rental. These are everything that you used to buy in stores with fiat money. FLOGmall is one platform with hundreds of altcoins and dozens of saved hours in search for the goods or services which are possible to buy for cryptocurrency.

hot deals on flogmall

iphone x 64 gb
  • Screen diagonal: 5.8";
  • Screen resolution: 2436x1125;
  • Camera: 12 Mp;
  • Cores: 6;
  • RAM: 3 Gb;
  • Capacity: 64 Gb;
Price everywhere: $1345
Our price:
50 left on special offer Buy
New MacBook 12''
  • Processor 1,2 ГГц
    Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 615
  • 2-core processor Intel Core m3 7-th generations with a clock speed 1,2 GHz
  • 8 Gb memory LPDDR3 1866 МГц
  • SSD-accumulator with capacity 256 Gb
Price everywhere: $1638
Our price:
50 left on special offer Buy
Electric locomotive HX
  • Size: 943х410х1012
  • (folded 650х120х259)
  • Battery: DC25 2V/4000mAh
  • Withstands load up to 200 кг
  • Maximum speed 25 км/час
  • Charger: DC29.4V/2A
Price everywhere: $431
Our price:
50 available Buy
Backpack XD design
  • Height: 450 см
  • Laptop pocket, Back ventilation,
  • Width: 300 см
  • Hard bottom, Rigid framework,
  • Weight: 0,85 кг.
  • Anatomical construction
Price everywhere: $138
Our price:
50 available Buy
Xbox one S 1TB
  • Color: white
  • 2 joystick
  • WiFi, windows, HDR, UHD 4K
  • Size: 291х429х113
  • wireless
  • Weight: 4.9кг
Price everywhere: $490
Our price:
50 available Buy
Children's constructor Minecraft
  • Number of details: 1221шт.
  • Kind: Constructors
  • Model number: 0512
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2kg with packing
  • Age: 7 - 14 years
Price everywhere: $52
Our price:
50 left on special offer Buy
Wireless headphones AirPods
  • AirPods (each earphone):
    16,5 mm х 18,0 mm х 40,5 mm
  • More than 24 hours playback,
    up to 11 hours of talk time
  • Charging case:
    44,3 mm х 21,3 mm х 53,5 mm
  • Connectivity options
    AirPods: Bluetooth
Price everywhere: $241
Our price:
50 left on special offer Buy
Women's cosmetics IlisYa
In the set: BB cream, concealer, loose powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, cowhide, highlighter, soft sponge, mascara, makeup remover, cotton buds, soft sponge, eyeliner, cosmetic milk, brushes for cosmetics, eyelash curler, matting wipes for oily skin, puff for powder, handbag for cosmetics Manufacturing: Korea
Price everywhere: $121
Our price:
50 available Buy
iPhone Case from Jumo Club
  • Carbon, python skin (large),
    brass frame, nickel
    with gold plated 24K.
  • Models: iphone 6, iphone 6+, iphone 7, iphone 7+, iphone 8, iphone 8+, iphone X, samsung S7, samsung S7edge, samsung S8, samsung S8+
Price everywhere: $172
Our price:
50 available Buy

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  • Add information

  • Opening of the first local brand name retail store

  • Developing brand name to retail chain

  • November

    Russia-Ukraine Crisis. Closing of the brand name retail store and starting online-retail.

  • December

    A global analysis of the world e-commerce markets.

  • February

    Launch of the mono-product online-stores around Russia

  • July

    Official launch of the Topzakazz brand.

  • October

    Contract manufacturing of the local products for the mono-stores in China.

  • February

    Project connection to CPA. Mass traffic attraction.

  • April

    Market expansion to CIS countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

  • November

    Opening of the wholesale trade. The first goods delivery to online retail stores.


    Start of a full cycle of services for e-commerce (dropshipping, outsourcing, fullfilment).

  • JULY

    Prototyping your own e-commerce CRM system.


    Opening of the office in China (Guangzhou).


    Preparation of infrastructure for launching the Cargo.


    The launch of Cargo 677 in China

    Entering the world market. Wholesale deliveries of goods all over the world.


    Development of FLOGmall lay-out and wireframing of the website.


    Integration of the platform and the Blockchain.


    1). Development of ATES architecture.
    2) Team building
    3) Writing a White Paper


    Publication of the White Paper.

    Starting a smart contract.

    Audit of a smart contract.

    Development of the basic functionality of FLOGmall.

    Successful completion of the pre Sale.


    Completion of the preSale stage.

    Development of the basic functionality of FLOGmall.


    Launch of Alpha version of FLOGmall.

    Open registration for all users.

    Active involvement of the first online stores on the platform

    Creation of informational media in the media.

    Starting a smart contract.

    Audit of a smart contract.

    Conducting pre-ICO on the crowning platform.


    Conducting pre-ICO on the crowning platform.

    Creation of informational media in the media.


    Conducting the ICO.

    Launch of the Beta version of FLOGmall.

    Creation of informational media in the media.

  • MAY

    Conducting the ICO.

  • JUNE

    The official launch of FLOGmall.

    Conducting the ICO.

    Launch of ATES with the installation of an official rate.

    Attraction of sellers and customers on the site.

    Initiation of the exchange of the first Mallcoin tokens at ATES.

    The first official sales on the FLOGmall site.

    The first personal ads on the exchange of goods for cryptocurrency.

    Creation of massive newsbreaks for publication in international media.

    Opening of official stores selling goods for Mallcoin at a discount.

    Infrastructure development.

    Launch of the user support program.

    Drawing of lotteries and bonuses for our holders

  • JULY

    Launch of requests exchange using the resources of API partners for our sellers in order to realize their inactive altcoins obtained in the course of transactions.

    Development of a mobile application infrastructure.


    Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - Europe, Russia, Israel)

    Release of the mobile application for users and sellers.


    Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - the United States, Canada)

    Launch of the reward system.

    Development of platform tools: consulting, marketing, legal support.


    Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - South and Latin America)


    Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - Africa, Australia and the ocean)


    Extension of the geography of the project. (Accentuated marketing for the characteristics of each individual country - the Middle East and other Asian countries)



  • Aleksey Khayrutdinov Founder and CEO

    Entrepreneur, founder of FLOGmall project, Topzakazz online store and the fulfillment-service. Co-owner of Cargo in China with delivery to the CIS. Speaker at conferences on the commodity business in Russia.

  • Alexey Belov Co-Founder and CFO

    Entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, investor, business angel, co-owner of construction and manufacturing companies.

  • Maksim Teleshev Co-Founder and PR

    Entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, co-founder of the project.The co owner of a few insurance agencies a wholesale supplier and distributer of accessories, clothing, and footwear from a privy of the largest Asian associations.

  • Alexander Zalogin Co-Founder and CMO

    Entrepreneur, producer of online projects, eLearning entrepreneur, author of 7 books on Internet sales, Internet marketer, co-founder of the Topzakazz online store and the fulfillment-service

  • Simpat Vatyan Co-Founder and PR

    Entrepreneur, business analyst, investor. The founder of LLC "AS-Stroy" and LLC "Energia-Yug" since 2004, developing in the traditional and alternative energy sectors. Education: Small Business Management Phoenix College, Phoenix Arizona Small Business Management Jonson County Community College Lenexa Kansas.

  • Aleksandr Chagai Co-founder and PR

    Entrepreneur, investor, Co-owner of the group of companies “ YugEnergo “. Member of the working group on the concept of the energy supply development of the largest property developers and consumers of the Southern Federal District. Education: Kuban State Technological University.

  • Vladimir Popov STO and it-lawyer

    It-lawyer, author of books on ICO and cryptocurrencies, adviser of several dozen of ICO projects, a participant of the expert council under the State Duma of the Russian Federation and a number of Blockchain associations.

  • Arthur Lipatov Community director

    Leader of the company “laboratory of blockchain-technology” ",, more than 20 ICO projects all over the world with a pool of more than 100.000.000$. Co-founder of projects www.криптовалюта.рф. Founder of the channel СEО founder: Organizer of one the biggest conference in Europe Adviser- top 100 of the best in the world. Community director of one of the fastest blockchain, Partner of the киберроссия.рф project.

  • Germogen Korolev Chief business development officer

    Financial analyst, specialist in corporate finance, M&A.; He worked in the crude oil and gas fields within the designing sphere and construction of large industrial structures (oil refinery plant and associated manufacturing). He was engaged in the development of special economic zones in Southeast Asia, the design of cluster real estate objects (a town with population of 30-40 thousand people)

  • Sergey Zubov Front-end developer

    Front-end developer, PHP programmer. More than 300 projects have been launched for 7 years. Teacher on web-development courses. Trained more than 100 persons.

  • Igor Berlenko Blockchain engineer

    Developer with passion about building the economy for people upon Ethereum blockchain. He has over two years experience working with cryptography and distributed systems.

  • Mihail Ryaboshtan Marketer

    He got two higher education degrees in the field of management and business management, graduating from ASTU and DSTU. He worked as marketer, internet marketing specialist and as SMM-specialist for more than two years. He knows about advertising and promotion everything.

  • Alexander Timoshchuk Project team project manager

    Guru of systemization, crypto-enthusiast. More than 6 years of experience in the field of IT.

  • Stolbov Ilya PR-consultant and Investor

    Founder, manager of the social and commercial system,"1.10.100" , which is an agency network with an advertising coverage of the audience of more than 100 million accounts in Instagram.

    Public figure (ex-leader in Krasnodar Krai of «Rossiyskiy Soyuz Molodezhi» and «Molodaya Gvardiya Yedinoy Rossii» public organizations ).

    He is a recorder of "WebMoney" for 13 years. He is a 3rd check of VILAVI (Tayaga8) MLM-company.

  • Daria Kozelskaya SMM-manager

    Graduated from Kuban State University, has journalistic sciences master's degree, has been working in regional news agencies for more than 4 years and is able to turn texts into magical spells.

  • Naomi Dai Harris ICO Advisor

    Consultant and crypto trader with an academic background in finance, design, and merchandise management. Currently embarking into the entrepreneurship realm, founding a crypto based consultancy firm in Los Angeles, Ca.

  • Maryna Chobotova SMM-manager

    Marketing manager, SMM-manager with more than 3 years of experience in the sphere of internet marketing.

  • Anastasia Zvereva PR-manager

    Higher education: Kuban State University, journalist. She got her PhD on law journalism. More than 10 years of experience in the media. Organization and conduction of interviews and press-conferences with department heads (ministries) of information technology, youth policy (federal agency “Rosmolodezhsh”), transport of Russian Federation. Accredited journalist of WFYS (World Festival of Youth and Students) in Sochi 2017.

  • Anastasia Markova Interpreter-translator

    Interpreter. She graduated from the Kuban State University, Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, Department of Theoretical and Practical Translation. She speaks fluently English and German. She has experience of work in foreign companies: "Oral English Study Center" in China and "Kindervereinigung Seelow" in Germany. She worked as an interpreter in the retail network "Magnet" of JSC "Tander".

  • Irakly Gagnidze Photographer

    Crypto-enthusiast. Photographer with more than 8 years of experience. Prize laureate of the international and Russian competitions in the sphere of photography. Worked as a videographer on TNT and MTV (Russian TV channels). Expert at EVENT sphere.

  • Valery Kabanov Community in China

    Entrepreneur, founder of the international shipping company “Cargo 677” in China. Co-owner of the online store Topzakazz. He’s got a vast experience in retailer more than 10 years. Sphere: manufacturing and distribution of the designer clothes. Support of Russian companies in cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.

  • Aleksey Serbul Head of Marketing Department

    Business consultant with 23 years of experience in marketing and sales, author of SMART technology - expert sales without objections, training "Marketing Motivators", founder and the CEO of "Internet Kommersant LLC".

  • Julia Arkhipenko Leading Designer

    Head of Design&Usability; Department, interface designer. Higher artistic education, implemented more than 200 projects during 5 years of work.

  • Do you want to join the team? Leave the application and we will consider your candidacy. Submit an application

Advisory board

  • A. Pierre Yurow Strategic сonsultant

    A. Pierre Yurow is a mobile industry and Silicon Valley veteran with an extensive track record and author of four patents pending. Mr. Yurow is an active Angel Investor in Mobile focused startups across the Emerging Markets. He was the Chief Executive Officer, Head of Innovation and Co-Founder of Spectrum Mobile Ltd. He was responsible for the daily operations, new business development and the corporate strategy, product development, design and management of the global technical infrastructure. He has worked with such venture backed companies as Gamewheel, Avazu, Mobile Posse, Cellfire, Bling Software, uVuMobile, SmartVideo, 2ergo, Proteus, Virgin Mobile, Seven Networks and Wcities.

    Mr. Yurow's previous roles include the VP of Mobile at Omnicom, Tanla's VP of Business Development-Americas and managed Product Development at the Associated Press AP Mobile team. He was a classmate, neighbor and advisor to Jack Dorsey, a co-founder at Twitter. He began his career at Cellular One (now AT&T;). Mr. Yurow frequently speaks at mobile and digital media conferences and has successfully raised capital for numerous private and public companies.

  • Gunaseelan Mani E-commerce Advisor

    Entrepreneur, Expert in the E-commerce and marketplace industry. Mani worked as a Market Place Operator Lead at Ebay, Project manager at Dell, and an Application Developer in BNY Mellon Company. He has since expanded his expertise in to the realms of Tech, Food Retail, and Minerals industry with one business successfully thriving.

  • Kovalenko Anna Vladimirovna Academic Advisor

    Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics and of the Department of Computer Technologies Applied mathematics of Kuban State University.

    She has accumulated more than 200 publications, five training manuals, five monogynies, and eighty articles in the academic periodicals recommended for publication by HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) of Russia. Amongst the lot of 200 publications, twelve articles are enlisted in Scopus and Web of Science bases. She also possesses four certificates in electronic computing machine programming.

  • Alex Kurashenko IR Consultant

    North America Business Development. Assisted to companies in fundraising at the pre-ICO stage. Commitments just for first project Bank 4 you was over $67.000.000. 4 years of trade experience with Chinese suppliers, over $4.000.000 in sales for Privision brand.

  • Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis Blockchain Advisor

    Royal Statistical Society member, Academic expert in data processing and analyzing.

    Scientist-encyclopedist, specializing in natural sciences. Degree holder in psychology, artificial intelligence, statistics, economics, with a doctorate in the field of informatics. Honorary research fellow of the UCL Center on Blockchain technologies and Startup-consultant.

  • Douglas Lyons ICO Advisor

    A highly skilled advisor on ICO with 27 years of experience in investment and risk management

    Recently Douglas has devoted himself to the study and work on distributed ledger technology, Blockchain-startups consultancy, rendering the assistance to them in the ICO launching.

  • Ashutosh Prakash Mhalsekar Project Advisor

    Currently working for Ergode Inc / Amiventures / Virventures as IT Project Manager (Technical & Functional)

    Handling Media/NonMedia/Virventures verticals consisting of 14 Programmers, 6 Test executives and 12 Operation Members.

    Working with Virtual Servers & Amazon Cloud Services.

    Managing Retailers/ Distributors& Marketplace Seller Accounts like, Walmart, Sears, Newegg, Biblio, AbeBooks,

    Working with marketing team with respect to spending on google adwords, facebook ads, PPC etc.

  • Jason Hung PR Advisor

    Serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business.

    He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox, and the advisory board of Giza, BitRewards, BlockLancer, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS and Suchapp. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 200 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a blockchain expert of ICOBench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group

  • Andrey Perepelitsa Technical Advisor

    Co-founder of KickICO, technical director and Solidity-developer

    Twelve year experience in the field of IT-technologies. He established his knowledge and skills in the field of technical services (support, development). Then engaged in systems of information analysis of industrial level, design, as well as their development and implementation. His specialization is the development of internal and external networks, the introduction of applications in the industry and automation of business processes.

  • Vasily Kozlov ICO Advisor

    Entrepreneur, an investor in the stock market, a blockchain-enthusiast. He founded and managed several companies. One of the founders and co-owners of major mining farms network with competencies in investment attraction in the US and EU. Two months later after the launch, the network power was 0.2% of the Ethereum network power. He was engaged in research and supervised projects in the field of energy saving in Moscow. The past year and a half he founded with his partners and managed the Connectius project. The Connectius project had successfully completed its fundraising through the ICO and issued Connectius (CNTT) token.

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